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You've been thinking about cleaning your carpets, but you're bombarded with a lot of information. More to the point, you're bombarded with a lot of misinformation. While you know that carpet cleaning would undoubtedly make your space look cleaner and brighter, you're not sure how, when and who should clean your carpet.

Fair enough. Let's put those questions to rest. Here's the most common carpet cleaning myths, debunked.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is Expensive

While there is certainly time when doing a DIY spot clean or renting a carpet cleaning unit is the most affordable, sensible option, and while a professional carpet cleaning service is certainly more costly than either of these options, hiring experts is not as cost-prohibitive as you may think. The reason for this is simple: people spend more time and money trying to ineffectually clean their carpets themselves than they would have if they just hired a professional service in the first place.

What’s more, the professionals will know how to deal with sensitive fabrics and even antique rugs, so you won’t end up having to replace your carpet thanks to your self-serve efforts.

Carpet Cleaners Use Chemicals

boy, carpet, child

This is not categorically true. Yes, some carpet cleaning companies do use chemicals, and the majority the rental units do, but many reputable carpet cleaning companies use safe, green solutions. Not only is this easier on the environment, but it is easier on the people who come in contact with the carpets. No chemicals means no harsh reactions to toxins. This is a particularly appealing feature for people with allergies or respiratory problems. It’s also an assuring perk for those with rugs or carpet in their kid’s room, since children spend more time face-to-face with the floor than adults.

Carpet Cleaning Takes A Long Time to Dry

This myth is partially true. Wet cleaning can take some time to dry, but it doesn’t mean your carpet will be out of commission for days. In fact, some dry cleaning services can have your carpet traffic-ready in just over an hour. No need to re-route your whole day. Which type of service you will want will depend on a handful of factors, most notably the sort of stains and wear on your carpet and your carpets material. Silk, for instance, should always be dry cleaned, since moisture destroys the fibres.

If you’ve hired a pro, then they will know exactly which method to use for which material. If you’re going it alone, it behooves you to educate yourself on how to clean different types of fabrics.

For some people and in some cases, this educational effort will be worth it, especially if you only have a little rug to clean or a few minor stains. For others people and in other circumstances (like when you have a lot of carpet that needs to be cleaned, delicate materials or a whole lot of stains), then going pro from the start is always going to be your best bet.

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The last thing you want is unexpected obstacles when first buying or moving into a new place. The stress and fatigue of moving is still surrounding you, and you really don’t want to have to solve a problem in your new place. But let’s be honest: we’ve all had situations like this.
And when it comes to lighting, the problems can just keep on coming.
One of my friends just recently moved into a nice big house -- one that they absolutely adore -- but upon moving in, they realized they missed something important. Their living room and bedroom had no overhead lighting. And finding out how to light a room with no overhead lighting is easier said than done.

After going over the numbers and realizing that the cost of hiring an electrician to install overhead lights was out of their budget - and electricians cost a lot - they decided to be a bit more creative and conquer this obstacle themselves.
But how to light a living room with no overhead lighting has a few trials and errors.
This article follows their end result: what worked for them, and what really didn’t.

Before we begin going over some pro tips, let’s first talk about where this issue might be most common. Certain houses, I’m talking old houses, normally don’t have overhead lights unless someone revamped the inside and installed them prior to the house hitting the market. So, if you’re a fan of Midcentury or older houses, make sure you check out the lighting situation!

Ceiling installation can also cost a lot for homeowners. We’re talking anywhere from $88 to over $200 for just an hour of work. This price range isn’t necessarily ideal for homeowners who just moved in -- especially when you can be creative and find a solution yourself!

What you need to follow this tutorial

You’re going to need a few different items, patience, and a lot of creativity to fix this problem:
  • You’re favourite lamp designs in a variety of formats (we’re talking floor lamps, wall sconces that use plugins instead of wiring, or whatever fits your budget and style)
  • Light bulbs with your preferred light intensity and colour (for obvious reasons)
  • Extension cords (if needed)
  • A wireless switch
You’ll find out exactly what you need, pertaining to which example I’ll talk about below you like the most, which will help narrow down your style. For example, if you just want floor lamps to light up your room, you’ll have no need for wall sconces.

Examples of what NOT to do

Here, I decided to cover a few popular but ineffective solutions of lighting a living room without overhead lights.

You should NOT buy battery operated lights
While you may think battery operated lights are a good deal, in the long run they’re just annoying for homeowners. They’re unreliable, and they’re hard to change batteries. Instead of solving your overhead lighting obstacle, you’d just be making a new one for yourself.

You should NOT use LED strips
Again, this may seem like the cheapest and relatively easiest alternative to having no overhead lights. But again, this creates more problems than it solves. LED strips look cheap and are incredibly hard to attach. Trying to style a beautiful living room around cheap LED strips is never fun -- and no one can really pull it off.

You should NOT have a variety of different floor and table lamps in one room
You may be trying to go for a bohemian look, but combining different floor lamps and table lamps in one living room just comes across as a bit cluttered with no real interior design style set. And that’s something you definitely want to avoid. All of these different floor lamps and table lamps will just result in hard to control lighting -- again making yet a new lighting obstacle for you.

Here’s how to light a room with no overhead lighting

1. Choose your light style
This step has many solutions and here, I covered the most popular ones.

Floor lamps
  • Start by using two or more floor lamps plugged into the same lighting fixture or extension
  • Make sure you put the lamps on opposite sides of the room to best light up the whole living area
  • Make sure you connect them to the same power cord, making it easier for you to handle the lighting of the room
Creative light fixture or a chandelier with a long cord
  • Grab a lighting fixture with a long cord
  • After many trials and errors, find out how you would like your light to hang
  • Make sure you evaluate style and overall lighting experience before you finally put a hook in the ceiling
  • Attach your light to the hook
Wall sconces that plug into an outlet
  • I recommend using at least two wall sconces on opposite ends of the living room
  • Make sure both lights are not on the wall that holds the entrance, as the lighting will just be a bit off
  • After you put the wall sconces on the wall, make sure you connect them using the same power connector or extention, making lighting the room easier to handle
An arc floor lamp
  • Buy an arc floor lamp in a style that you like best
  • Place your lamp over your sofa or dining table to get a traditional chandelier feel
  • Note: this lamp only works best in bigger living rooms, so as not to make the whole room feel cluttered
String lights hung from the ceiling
Image by
  • Before you begin anything else, you need to do a bit of extra work and draw a plan of your ceiling so you can best figure out how to hang these lights
  • Buy string lights that plug into each other (like Christmas lights do), creating one long line of string lights
  • Put hooks in your ceiling where the string lights can attach,
  • Hang the lights up in your favourite style
  • Note: while this style is beautiful in the finished result, it is harder than the other alternatives and takes more time
2. Use powerful bulbs
Now that you have your method or style picked out, make sure you buy proper light bulbs that will make your living room light up. Powerful LED or CFL bulbs are recommended. I advise using a warm or soft light in your living room at about 2700 kelvins. Make sure your lights produce enough light to brighten your living room.

3. Set up a switch
After installing the lights and finding the best light bulb for your living room, setting up the switch that will control your lights is most important. I recommend using a remote control switch that is plugged into a wall outlet. It’s easy, efficient, and gets the job done.

Optional step: Enhance your decor
Image by

To make your living room fall in place together with your new lights, choose light colored lamp shades or no lamp shades at all. If you’re looking for a bright living room, your walls should be lightly colored. We recommended having white walls to get the best effect.
You can also place your mirrors strategically to enhance your new lights! Place your mirrors in an area where they reflect the light from your window or your new lamps to get the ultimate effect.
To make your living room as brightly lit as possible, make sure you avoid dark rugs or curtains.

Final Words
I hope you enjoyed this article! I know how stressful it can be to move into a new house, only to find out there’s a problem you didn’t initially foresee.
How to light a living room with no overhead lighting shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. Hopefully, if you’ve been having some lighting issues, you’ve gained some inspiration and are ready to put your creativity to use. Also, you can check Allen+Roth lighting brand that offers many light fixtures that can solve this problem.
Let me know what you think below in the comments! What’s your favorite lamp style? Make sure you share the article if you liked it and let your friends in on some lighting inspiration.

About the author:
Michelle Croissant is a blogger and an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of AllenRothHome, a blog about home design and improvements. She writes tips and tricks they learned while renovating their house in California. Follow her on Twitter.
Round mirrors, stone basins and brassware in black or gold finish are still leading trends!

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Kast Launches Collection of Patterned Concrete Basins Called Kast Canvas

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Paint softens the industrial feel of the exposed brickwork so if you’re lucky enough to have exposed brick in your bedroom, paint it and highlight your contemporary home design.

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Take a twist on the ordinary brick wall with this faux wallpaper. The denim blue walls bring a contemporary feel to your home as well as bringing a sense of calm.

Modern and rustic, big windows

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Go green with this emerald green brick wallpaper. Dark, sumptuous tones set the scene in your home with the brick texture adding another layer of intrigue. Pair with metallics for a truly luxurious yet pared-down feel.

Intense hit of green for a bold interior design scheme - it's great to see how well painting the woodwork and furniture all in the same colour. We can also go for fifty other shades of green that will work perfectly with the pale surroundings and create internal garden atmosphere.

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Here is another blogger collaboration that we did and Nadya Jones is sharing her tips on how to dress your window to impress.

Do you want your windows to become the center of attraction the next time you have guests over? It’s quite simple, really. I personally believe windows add the needed oomph and make a room look extremely pleasing.
Over the years, I have tried and tested different ways to beautify my windows, and now have a few tips that I can share with you. I don’t remember the last time when I had someone over to my place and they didn’t compliment my beautiful windows.
Curious to know these tips? Hold your horses, because I’m here to share them with you.

Tips to Make Your Windows Look Beautiful

Enhance the Size of Your Windows
The bigger, the better! Larger things always catch your attention faster than the smaller ones. So why not apply the same rule to your windows as well?

Paint a Border around Your Windows
The paint will add to the window frame, making it look presentably larger than usual. With larger borders, it is highly likely to catch anyone’s sight within no time. So the next time you plan on repainting your walls, don’t forget to give your window a painted border.

Opt for Larger Window Frames
If you’re not in favor of painting a border, just install a larger window frame. The thickness of the frame will surely make the window look bigger and more appealing. Play around with the color of the frame for a creative look. You can also check for creative designs that you can use.

Make Curtains the Focal Point
The most traditional and classical way of making your windows look beautiful is by putting on attractive or colorful curtains.

Use Fabric with Patterns
A bold and beautiful pattern on your curtain is all that is necessary to draw the eyes towards the window. You can find curtains in the market in a variety of patterns and colors. Choose the one that suits your room’s paint and furniture. If you are having a hard time deciding which curtains to get, take my advice and try Allen Roth curtains.

Cover Your Walls with Curtains
Curtains can also steer attention from the walls to the windows. If you hang curtains that cover your walls surrounding the window, then it will seem bigger and more appealing.

Consider How to Use Your Window Rods
Window rods can play an important part in making your window stand out and look delightful. The size and placement of the rods can significantly enhance your window display.

Install Your Rods Higher
By installing your rods higher, your window will look taller and wider. It’s a perfect trick without spending a penny on getting a new window installed.

Extend Rods Past the Window Frame
By installing your rods higher, your window will look taller and wider. It’s a perfect trick without spending a penny on getting a new window installed. If you cover your windows with a curtain, no one can tell its exact size. A wider rod can show that the window is extending to its edges. It’s a physiological trick that can convince someone into thinking that the window is as big as the curtain. Clever technique, isn’t it?

Final Words

Which tip do you find helpful? Share these useful tips with your loved ones, so they can also make their windows look majestic. Let me know what you think of these tips in the comments.

About the author:
Nadya Jones is a blogger and an entrepreneur.
She is the co-founder of Allen Roth HQ, a blog about home design and improvements.
With her husband Brett, she writes tips and tricks they learned while renovating their house in Raleigh, North Carolina. Nadya handles the interior design and Brett implements her ideas in a cost-efficient way.
Follow their home adventures on Twitter @diy_brett

Selection Unique is the first Swiss-based brand specialising in personalised gifts and one-of-a-kind gifts boxes. The company is based in Zurich and work closely with small manufacturers and boutique business owners across Switzerland and Europe. 

Swiss craftsmanship is well known for its internationally recognised top quality. Each of the Sélection Unique products includes customisation free of charge.

They have personalised gift collections for any age.

We like all those little cushions, towels and throws with name embroidery. 

How sweet is this stylish pacifier and bib set? I would say it is a perfect little gift for a baby shower.

Those cushions would work as for very little ones, as well as for older kids. Talke a look at those details. 

This Mom and Baby Gift Box contains products for mother and her baby. It comes with a hand knit wool blanket, LOVE candle, and a sweet hand cut card adorned with variegated balloons.

And here is something special for St. Valentines day - I Love You Gift Box. It contains a beautiful linen and Liberty I Love You wallet, a La Bougie du Bonheur (Good Luck) candle, and a sweet hand cut card adorned with a small pink heart over the words Je t’aime (I love you).

Go see their website for more personalised gifts options. 

Smooth surfaces and minimalist decor make the room more spacious.

DSC_0084 edit
Ardesia Design

9 Balcombe Street
Ardesia Design

Realisaties | Natuursteen | Hullebusch

beton cire bathroom - Google Search
Enjoy your weekend!

Get out there and live! To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. - Oscar Wilde
Our favourite scheme for the kitchen - bright pastel colour and simplicity of form. It always works!

Kitchen design

By studio 1408

modern kitchen design inspiration | kitchen design & renovation by COCOON | design kitchen taps by COCOON | Dutch designer brand | also available on #elegantmoderninteriordesign
Polish studio Home and Wood redesigned a studio apartment in historic area of the Old Market Square in Lublin, Poland.

The project features an unconventional layout, minimalist arrangements and a creative approach.

The interior designer's brief was to maximise fairly small space to accommodate the needs of the active people that live there. The mezzanine floor with a comfortable bedroom was installed to enlarge the size of the kitchen and bathroom.

Playful fittings, wooden furnishings and chevron flooring combine perfectly in this light-filled 30m2 flat.

Pictures from Home and Wood

Bedrooms that make you feel like staying in bed forever.


Maak zacht roze minder meisjesachtig door te kiezen voor een grijze basis met industriële koperen woonaccessoires. Magische match!

Love this beautiful grey and pink bedroom! Image @decoride

House Doctor, objets déco et mobilier scandinave | bedroom